Money Answers All is a book by Wendy Williams Lovejoy which shares a journey from poverty and financial stress to wealth and abundance. If money is an issue in your life this book will give you 10 simple principles that are proven strategies to transforming your financial future. These are easy principles that can be followed no matter what current income situation you find yourself in. You can attract money and have it work for you much harder than you ever worked to get it. Based on Biblical Times Success Secrets. This is the most transformational book ever written on wealth.


Wendy Williams-Lovejoy is a faithful member of World Changers Church International in the Atlanta suburb of College Park, Georgia where Dr. Creflo and Taffi Dollar are her Pastors. A native of Durban, South Africa, Lovejoy was born to a Zulu father and a mother of Zulu as well as East Indian descent in the midst of apartheid. The setting of her upbringing was Brooklyn, New York where she fostered a love of fashion and merchandise. Her story is remarkably filled with a plethora of noteworthy experiences. She is the mother of three children and one grandson.

Utilizing her personal testimony, Lovejoy founded a ministry catering to the needs of women entitled, Durban’s Daughters. The mission of this endeavor is to increase the awareness of possessing a successful lifestyle among women around the world through ministry, counseling and coaching on financial principles that will lead into a favorable business direction as she has done for herself.
She has been a successful author with her book,
Money Answers All, which teaches each reader, through a step by step approach, the manner in which to take control of one’s finances. Her sophomore literary work entitled,
From the Journals of Wendy Lovejoy – the Story of Lola, expresses her life story, in which Ralph Tresvant wrote a song called, “Yesterday is Gone”.

What’s inside



Chapter One

Pay Yourself First

Chapter Two

Keep Your Credit Scores Up

Chapter Three

Have A Budget

Chapter Four

Learn More about Money

Chapter Five


Chapter Six

Work and Build a Business

Chapter Seven

Be a Blessing

Chapter Eight

Find 3 New People to Add to Your Team

Chapter Nine

Read This Book Over and Over Again

Chapter Ten

Chapter One – Believe

My life
I have lived at every level and lifestyle imaginable: from poverty to prosperity. I have been a real estate agent and a real estate broker with two successful offices. In addition, I was single for a lot of my life, relying on myself alone and the grace of God to provide for all of my needs. I have been married twice – to men who made and lost a lot of money.

I’ve lived very well and I’ve also lived very poor. However, I never attained true prosperity until the principles that I am about to share with you became a part of my daily living. I strongly believe these principles are what you must study until they become new habits in your life. We are all meant to live in wealth, overflow, abundance, and to have a good, strong, positive cash flow.

God wants you to be rich
Believe that God wants you to be rich. He wants you to be prosperous. In Genesis 1, God called all things into existence. Since we are made in His image and after His likeness, we also have this same authority. He said we would have dominion over everything, including our current financial situation.

With God as an example, you can speak things to be different than the circumstances that are now facing you. If it’s hard to believe in you, believe in God. He is not a man that He should or could even lie. He said we are above and not beneath: we are LENDERS, not borrowers (Deuteronomy 28:13, 44; Proverbs 22:7). Speak it until you believe it!

Poverty is not from God
God is not schizophrenic. He does not say one thing and then change His mind about what was spoken. He said He takes pleasure in our prosperity (Psalm 35:27). You must know and understand that poverty is not from God. Poverty is not the way He wants us to live. He said He gave us a blessing so that we may increase, multiply and prosper (Deuteronomy 7:13).

You must believe and see yourself rich
Choose now that you will focus on having increase. It does not matter if you are temporarily lacking financially. You must believe that you are rich. You must see yourself rich. You must see yourself with money in the bank. You must see yourself living in a nice house, driving a very nice car, and wearing really nice clothes. You must see yourself with manicured nails and salon-styled hair. You must see yourself walking in the bank knowing that you are their biggest depositor. Sit there and see it. See people that you have helped who are happy because of you! Practice and mediate on this principle once a day for about 10 minutes. Believe that God wants you to be rich!

You will have what you believe
You will have what you believe! Focus on where you’re going and not where you are.

Speak these affirmations loudly.
• I believe I am wealthy!
• I believe God made me to prosper!
• I believe I have more cash than I need now!
• I believe God loves me at this moment in my life!



There is no magical answer to achieving financial freedom. However, there are basic beginning principles that everyone should follow – regardless of their background or current financial situation.   Once you activate and practically apply these basic principles, they will work for anyone!

To be honest I have to agree for those who didn’t make the call to get on now because it is great. Wendy does not pay me to promote her but the way her coaching has changed my life I am happy to share I got on her coaching. I am also happy to call her my LIFE coach and FRIEND. She stretches me and I am EXCITED about the direction my business and life have taken since we met.

– Ed Warren

“I’ve known Wendy Lovejoy a few months shy of two years. I met her via Facebook and felt compelled to find her and meet face to face. There was a September international convention at hand, and when I got to it I asked everyone I met if they knew her or if she was even there. Upon meeting Wendy I watched her Facebook statuses and they were always filled with wisdom and knowledge. I sought her for deeper training, and I got it. I joined the coaching call she founded called Birthing A Business Coaching. Less than 7 months on this call I got business training that you go to school 2 plus years to receive, or people charge 25,000 dollars for literally.

From meeting Wendy until now my life intellectually, spiritually, and business has made a complete about face. I’m now business educated and know business etiquette that I didn’t know before. I’m now working on my newest project set to open October 2013. Thanks to the coaching and mentoring of Mrs. Wendy LoveJoy I have the mind and knowledge to pursue my dreams and goals of entrepreneurship. Thank you Wendy

– Kayla Lowman

Hi Wendy, Birthing a Business Coaching has brought me from having a hobby, and having only a small reach here locally, to owning a business that is reaching an audience worldwide. I no longer say things like, “I do baskets on the side”. I learned that I was imagining big things for my business, but my actions were on a smaller scale. For example, I didn’t have many Facebook friends, because my thinking was I didn’t truly have a close relationship with that many people, and previously didn’t care to.

However, BBC taught me how to balance personal and business relationships that equal an income. I had to ask myself how much I imagined making from IUB, and if my current actions were getting me there, compared to the coaching. Incredibly Unique Baskets is still growing and developing and always will be, but at least now it’s growing in the direction of helping support me and my family’s dreams that are soon to become reality. I thank God for blessing me with you in my life Wendy. He definitely knows best.
Thank you.

– Daniela Gipson, Owner of Incredibly Unique Baskets

When I started Calling in to Wendy Lovejoy’s weekly Monday Prayer call I was doing so because I felt as if I had hit too many walls along with the knowledge of things as well as people operating against me. One of my first breakthroughs was releasing the anger and bitterness I had been carrying for 20 years due to an incident that occurred in my Pre teen years. While it has not been an overnight path to healing it has been a path long overdue.

SOME of my best lessons have been:

1) learning how to recognize the different demonic spirits that influence some people And how to have Victory over them as well as how to pray for people under such spirits. 2) learning that GODs promises are not for just lucky people… That his promises are for and to me. Again.. Not an overnight path to truth but a process to embracing spiritual truths I did not understand nor believe before the call. 3) learning to not only pray for people who have Hurt me but to ask GOD to bless them as well that they open their hearts to him. 4) in reference to any conflict I have with someone I have learned to look at the situation from a spiritual perspective …To look at the issue and/or person and ask GOD to reveal what the real issue is, not just the issue I identified through my own understanding. 5) GOD hears my prayers and what I have to do is to understand he not only hears my prayers but that I am to expect manifestation. 6) in my business .. I am to listen with discernment that knows that I will have success following a system, not a person or personality.

I am on my journey and looking forward to seeing everyone experience abundant blessings, victory, prosperity, supernatural protection, divine guidance, and healing ( to name a few of what I pray to see)

I pray that God continues to bless and anoint Wendy as well as those to whom she is assigned.

– Shaunna Marie Stevens

After 2.5 years in business with my network marketing company, I had achieved minimal results and little to no personal development. I knew that I needed a “coach” to guide me and show me where I needed to look for the answers I needed, but I was asking people who could only lead me as far as they had journeyed.
I found that personal coach in Wendy Lovejoy, successful business woman, spiritual prayer warrior and life coach. In January of 2012, I signed up with Birthing A Business Coaching and my life began to change for the better. I went from second guessing my decisions and actions, to taking control and ownership of my actions based on sound business sense.

Birthing A Business is more than a business seminar; it is a fully comprehensive coaching program geared to explaining what businesses are, how to start and develop businesses, the psychology behind business development, the psychology on how to attract people to one’s business, figuring out what business is meant for each individual and practical business steps to making your business stand out from all the others. I have learned how to market and brand my business through self assessment and determining my purpose.

I look forward to the continued growth of myself and my business by implementing the strategies taught by Wendy Lovejoy. Thank you Wendy, may God continue to bless you and all that you do for so many of us!

– Faces of Hope founder, Shay Hope

When I met Wendy Lovejoy over a little over three years ago I knew immediately there was something special. No, it wasn’t her apparent business savvy from her successful realty days. It wasn’t her outward appearance. I believe it was her heart to help others achieve success!
As a coach Wendy understands people and knows how to squeeze every once of talent out of the coachable as well as those who may be a bit of a challenge. One thing I admire is her ability to tell individuals what they NEED to hear not necessarily what they want to hear. Wendy accomplishes this in a way that is firm consistent and constructive.

Whether one is a member of Wendy’s immediate team or primary opportunity does not matter, she has a genuine desire to share her knowledge with those willing to learn. I highly recommend Wendy’s coaching program “Birthing a Business”. As an accomplished businesswoman, successful author and constant student of the entrepreneur world, Wendy is a coach’s coach.

Wendy’s knowledge is vast. Some examples include, choosing a mentor, how to start a home base business, spiritual leadership, business leadership and team building. I believe her success in part is due to her integrity, vision, and genuine joy that comes from seeing others attain the success he or she wants and deserves.

Personally, I can attribute some of my presentation skill and success to Wendy’s coaching. Her critiques have helped me to grow as a presenter for my primary opportunity (5Linx) as well as in my duties as a field engineer, trainer and a coach. Every successful entrepreneur understands no matter how good one gets, the need for constant mentoring and personal coaching is essential. Begin your journey, Invest in yourself, become a member of Wendy’s program today.

– Tony Constabile

Birthing a Business COACHING with Wendy Lovejoy has helped me in more than one business including a Better Way Solutions Collection and now with This program has helped me get my website off the ground. I have been taught how to emotionally, physically and psychologically start my business. You learn how to BIRTH a business that can run itself so you can build more than one stream of income.
There is no excuse in living in lack when you can own your own successful business. Most are charges a lot more than $3000 a month for what Wendy Lovejoy and the Birthing a Business Coaching are offering for $27 a month. Wendy really cares about people and the team she has put together really want s to help people get paid with a business they love owning.

– D. Williams

Birthing a Business Coaching has helped me start a business that in my heart for over 10 years. I had a desire to teach children the fundamentals of organized jump rope but was unsure of how to turn my passion into an actual program.
When I met Wendy during a training she offered for my primary business, I shared the idea with her and got started with the coaching right away.

I have received so much value from the coaching.
Wendy’s step-by-step approach made the process seamless for me as a new business owner. She takes pride in providing each client with the necessary tools and resources that will work best for their individual business or program. This has allowed me to truly set myself apart.

I am so grateful to have connected with Wendy and joined Birthing a Business Coaching. Because of it, I am no longer sitting on the idea of possibly starting my youth program.
I have birthed The Jumpzone and am now in a position to teach our youth successful lifestyle habits (leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship and fitness) through the art of jumping rope. Wendy, your training is priceless and I am thankful to be connected with you. May God continue to bless you and use you as a blessing to many others. Thank you.

-Latrice S. Jackson

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Wendy Williams

I have been in the Real Estate industry since 1992. Within 80 days, I was the top producer at ERA McGill in Queens, New York. My Broker at the time, Chuck McGill, suggested many training courses for me and, I completed them all.  Within a year, I had upgraded my home, car, and many of my relationships flourished. As a testament to the knowledge and mentoring that was poured into me, I opened my own office where we have trained thousands of agents and closed thousands of real estate deals.  I am ready to help you achieve the same success.

I developed the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program for the many people out there like myself. I got into real estate because I wanted to take care of myself and my family but, I honestly knew nothing about the industry. My Broker and mentor, Chuck McGill, told me that cold calling and reaching out to expired listings was the best money generating activity I could master.  I called and got sellers to invite me to their homes to list or even to buy their homes for cash. It wasn’t just a listing or an investment deal for me; it was the money that I needed to pay my bills and take care of my family. I did not have a choice; Real Estate had to work

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